Austin Warehouses for Sale Report for October 2013

There are alot of buyers that look for Austin warehouse spaces for sale ,this is a summary of the supply of warehouse space in Austin for October 2013.  We can start with where the supply of warehouse space is in Austin by square footage. The thinnest area of warehouse properties for sale is in the 5,000 SF range or lower. Below are bullet points summarizing the supply of Austin warehouse space at 5000 SF or below.

5,000 SF or lower

  • In the Austin area <5,000 SF there  are a total of 26 properties
  • Within the 26 properties available there are 14 warehouse spaces for sale
  • Square footage range of warehouse space is 2100 to 5000
  • Sub market locations primarily are North and South, with one in Northwest

So the sampling of warehouse space for sale below 5000 square feet is very thin, the next sampling of Austin warehouse space for sale would be in the 5000-10,000 square foot range

  • In the Austin area > 5,000 SF there are 47 properties that have warehouses for sale
  • Within the 47 properties there are 27 warehouse spaces for sale in Austin
  • Square footage of warehouse spaces 5,000-10,000 square feet
  • Sub market locations primarily are in the Far North and South areas
  • Pricing $36/ SF to $158/ SF range

Surveys for Austin warehouse space for sale above 10,000 square feet are as follows for October 2013

  • 53 Austin Warehouse space for sale
  • Square footage ranges 10,000-30,000
  • Sub market locations for warehouse properties for sale primarily in North and South with a few Centrally
  • Pricing ranges $39-$177/ SF

As you can see the majority of warehouses for sale in Austin are above 5,000 square feet , the listing time these have been on the market varies by property, it would be too comprehensive to post them on this blog.  Buyers can contact Shire Commercial for more information to help them find the right warehouse space which will allow them to take advantage of the market information to make the right decisions in purchasing a warehouse property.