Industrial Space  Lease Austin

Tenants are looking for industrial space for lease in Austin with various usages. There are different types of industrial space that are available that may or may not suit a tenant’s requirements. One of the most popular needs from tenants is to acquire small warehouse space for lease. Small industrial space in Austin for lease starts at anything below 5000 square feet. Typically the smaller warehouse property footprint does not allow for certain attributes that may be considered as important to tenants. The attributes that are difficult to find with smaller warehouse properties in Austin are as follows:

Dock high door access, 18 wheeler access and multiple restrooms. Find Industrial Space in Austin

As a tenant moves up the scales in square footage for an industrial space within the Austin area, the attributes that are required for manufacturing, distribution are more common. A client of Shire Commercial will be able to find with our services a higher supply of warehouse properties with dock high doors, power requirements, and 18 wheeler accessibility. The types of warehouse space may or may not be a better fit depending on tenant needs such as a bulk warehouse property for storage which has a hot warehouse and is the cheapest lease rate warehouse property of the bunch. Rates for bulk warehouse properties in Austin for the third quarter of 2013 are ranging within the 25-45 cent range per square foot per month.

Flex industrial space for lease in Austin is a “flexible solution” hence the word flex is commonly used in the industry, because this property can allow for warehouse showroom or even an office space type environment. Sometimes flex industrial space has a hot warehouse area with offices and a showroom or sometimes they are 100% air conditioned. Of the industrial space that is available in Austin, the flex warehouse space is the one property that has 100% air-condition as opposed to the other types of warehouses in Austin.