Realtors break from Zillow and Trulia Summary

Many people feel since the advent of the internet and information at everyone’s fingertips a broker  for commercial real estate or an agent for residential real estate is no longer needed. The question comes up, “If I can find the information myself, why do I need a Realtor or Commercial Real Estate Broker?”

Recently 8 residential real estate brokerages broke their ties with Zillow and Trulia. The main thrust behind this decision was the Austin Board of Realtors said that it would not renew its contract with ListHub which shares listing data with 3rd party websites.   The companies that broke ties with Zillow and Trulia said “We turned off our direct feed to all unregulated third-party websites because we believe they cause distrust between consumers and Realtors by posting inaccurate and outdated listing information”

The fact is the best information in it’s purest form comes from the Commercial Real Estate agent – broker or Residential Realtor. Information gets stale very easily , misprints and full disclosure issues happen all the time.

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