Startup Businesses

What is involved in a "Startup" and What can you expect to happen?

Startup Businesses Rules

Basic rules of thumb if you are a startup?  How much direct experience do you have in your business? How is your Credit? Do you have a well thought out business plan? Is the business plan written?


Credit Analysis

We will ask you, how is your credit? The key here is not to get offended, you are going to be scrutinized by any reasonable landlord.  Do you have enough liquidity to make rent at least for 18 months? Check your credit pro-actively.

Personal Guarantees

Startup businesses are going to be asked to personally guarantee their lease. What does this mean? It means you personally are liable if you cannot make it. Do not expect to hide behind a LLC , the Personal Guarantee supersedes this. This is standard for leasing a new commercial real estate property.

Startup Office Design

Whether you are a restaurant, an office type business or an industrial user it is important to understand your layout needs. Typically, when your credit is good as a startup-business a landlord can test fit your layout requirements.  Be aware of how much square footage you require and how you want your space to look. From there, an architect can render a drawing and construction costs can be evaluated.

Can you Live in an Office or Warehouse Space?

There is always greys to a question, to say absolutely no would not be accurate. Is that a typical requirement? No, it really isn’t and in 16 years we have never really seen a request to live and work within a commercial space.  However, there are some properties that are built to allow for a person to live and work in the same building. These are newer on the market and it would take some time for Shire Commercial to find you a solution like this one. As far as being readily available, again these types of properties are not so prevelant.

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