Austin warehouse loading docks

For a tenant or a buyer of warehouse property in Austin there are some common Austin warehouse loading docks available . One of the requests we see from time to time are for loading docks with smaller footprints meaning square footage of warehouses spaces below 4,000SF. When looking at loading docks for warehouse space below a specific square footage the availability of  dock high loading solution becomes much tighter. The reason for lower availability of loading docks and smaller warehouse spaces in Austin is because they typically do not  accommodate 18 wheeler accessibility.

Choices of loading docks

Choices of warehouse loading docks for industrial property in Austin consist of the standard loading docks for 18 wheelers, half height docks that fit a UPS truck or FED X type delivery and grade level dock access. There are other alternatives on the market such as self standing loading docks and hydraulic lifts that can be used.The majority of delivery trucks on the road today are 8 feet wise and 8 feet 6″ wide . A  loading door that is 8′ can accommodate these type of delivery vehicles. Ideally as a tenant or buyer of a warehouse property in Austin, you will need a 9′ door to accommodate a truck that is 8’6″ in width.Semi trucks and loading doors for Austin warehouse space

Trailers can range in height from flatbeds approx 48″ to closed vans 162″ , the highest internal height being 114″ high.  An eight foot 96″ high door can handle most loading and unloading operations. This type of solution is not a floor to ceiling solution.  The nine foot loading door permits floor to ceiling loading of product because the delivery truck can pass under the door into the warehouse space. a 3rd type of door are the 10 foot warehouse loading docks door which can handle the full range of loading and unloading product into an industrial property within the Austin area. If a tenant is looking for the most unobstructed entry into a warehouse property than the 10′ loading dock door is the most versatile.

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