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Large Warehouse Overview- For Tenants

Shire Commercial helps buyers and tenants acquire or lease a bigger footprint warehouse space starting in ranges of 15,000 SF up to 50,000+SF. The more information and broker support  you have as a tenant the better off you are because you are more informed than others.  Market updates from previous years starting with 2017:  Larger vacancies did exist within the large warehouse sector which started at 10,000SF. Sub-markets that showed the be

Q3 2020:Austin unemployment rate jumps to roughly to 6% up from 3.5%. This is better than the national average. Population disbursement from major cities on the West Coast and Eastern USA may help Austin. Recent news of Tesla opening Cyber-truck plant in Austin near ABIA. Warehouse distribution centers are in demand .

2018 Wrap up- inventory was fairly static with 2017 and there was better availability for these types of warehouse solutions. When you choose to team up with a specialist like Shire Commercial, your direct benefits come from consistent tracking of the warehouse property market consistently every day so that You  can make the right decisions. Also provided for your information are recent posts regarding commercial real estate industrial property in the Austin area.

Research this page for additional information such as posts and examples of successful transactions completed with our clients whom are tenants.

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The first quarter of 2018 is looking alot like the end of 2017, inventories for large warehouse for sale are higher than the smaller footprints.  Numbers of inventory available have whittled down to below 10 properties per sub-market in the Austin area for Q1 2018. As far as the leasing outlook , it looks a bit better with more development and inventory coming online. For Small Warehouse properties, inventory continued to be tight.


Warehouse Specialists in Austin

Successful Transactions

Shire Commercials Clients always receive top of mind and high priority from warehouse property searches and surveys, to tours and negotiation and concession strategies.  Since 2004, we have been serving Clients finding them the right warehouse space that fits their needs, if You don’t get what you want, we don’t get paid- plain and simple!