Large warehouses for rent 6,000-40,000+ SF

Here is the page to view  Large Warehouse Spaces for Rent in  Central Texas to Georgetown and South to San Marcos Texas. Properties starting at 6,000 SF.

Locations- by Zip code Square footage range
Quoted 6,000-50,000+SF
Lease rate range by square foot per Month are quoted without NNN expenses.# of Avail Warehouse spaces listed:
Updated for July 2024
78620, 78704,21,27,34,35,41,44,45,48,52,53,54,57,586,000-10,000Average $0.83-$1.5051 Warehouse spaces Available
78617, 721,724,28,35,37,38,41,
10,941-19,834Average $0.90-$1.5047 Warehouse properties Available

78617,78721,27,28,38,41,44,51,53,54,5820,169-28,965Average $1.5036 Warehouse properties avail
78317,41,44,53,5824,000-37,000Average $1.30-$1.6650 Warehouse properties avail
78617,78717,19,24,27,41,44,52,53,54,5850,000+Average $1.25-$1.8330 Warehouse properties avail

Leasing a Large Warehouse in Austin

Large warehouses for rent 6,000-40,000+SF change daily and the lease rate information contained in the chart above which is market data for current listings. This is a snapshot in the Austin market for the current month.  If you are a tenant that requires large warehouse space for rent, contact Shire Commercial

In addition, you can benefit from expertise since 2004.  Providing your business with accurate market surveys so it allows you to gather comprehensive information along with experienced negotiation strategies.  How well do we perform?  For the past 18+ yrs we have been helping our Clients find and execute leases on large warehouses in Central Texas.  You can check our historical results as well, which provides you a snapshot of our ability to help your business today.

 Large Warehouse Spaces to Rent 6,000-40,000+ SF

Primary inventory is improving, especially in South, SE and NE sub-markets. Austin’s market consists primarily of multi-tenant industrial parks. If your company is looking for standalone solutions, you will not find many in Austin.  Large standalone warehouse spaces for rent are most likely build to suit solutions. **Vacancy rate rises .7% to 8.7%** moving into Q2 2024.

Large Warehouse Spaces for Lease  | Qualifiers for Tenants 

Larger warehouse users usually require 3 Phase power (high power) , several Dock high doors, truck courts,  higher ceilings, cross docks, more parking area , and storage yards. Therefore, a 6,000-40,000 square foot warehouse would have the best potential solutions.  You also may need a larger percentage of office vs warehouse , or vice versa. Manufacturing as well as warehouse distribution, and, R&D are typical for this type of industrial solution.


Inventory Overview

End of Q2 2024, the levels of inventory are as follows: (all reporting is  a quarter in arrears)

  • Vacancy moves to 11%  overall, uptick to +.+2.3%
  • Demand has diminshed
  • Tech industry demand is pushing the market, large warehouse users
  • Forecast near future- inventory opening up a bit for large warehouse spaces
  • Pre-leasing on new construction is at 31%
  • Landlords Market is moving downward, towards tenant’s market
  • Lease rates Avg $12-$13 psf per year



Vacancy Rate Snapshots Q2 2024

Overall Market 11%

  • Central area 9%
  • East 3%
  • Far North  27%
  • Far NE 25%
  • Hays Cty 14%
  • Northeast 7%
  • Northwest 4%
  • Far NW 3%
  • Far North 27%
  • Round Rock 8%
  • South East  17%
  • Southwest 5%

All Vacancy Rates are Quoted for the Previous Quarter,  Highest avail is 6000SF to 30,000SF into Q3 2024.

Smaller Warehouse Solutions

To be noted, Tenants should be as flexible as possible in  when it comes to location preferences for the near term. If you are searching for a small warehouse space below 5,000SF , it does require a 3 yr minimum term for you to utilize our services . Inventory does change quickly , so if you do not see what you are looking for, then please contact us directly.  Sometimes we can uncover potentials that are not updated on our website. Interested in further resources?

Market Overview Rental rates and Large Warehouses for Lease

Moving out of Q2 2024  the Hays and Far Northeast Markets continue to have more inventory.  New Construction is approximately 15M square feet. Most new construction is not demising larger buildings yet.  This may change as demands change, pre-leasing phases are in place. Currently under negative occupancy momentum. Targets for newest construction are Far North and Far South areas. Pre-leasing was at approximately 30.5% end of Q4 2023.

Overall Asking rates for Q2 2024: $12.67 per square foot / yr-Down Property owners targeting larger users.Increased inventory vacancy driving base lease rates downward.

Lease rates for warehouse properties are typically expressed as: Lease rate plus NNN operating expenses.


Large Warehouse Layouts

Austin warehouse property

Office Showroom Warehouses

Large Office Showroom Warehouse Properties that require:

18 Wheeler Access

More Parking

High Power such as 3 Phase

Storage Yard area or Fenced areas

Lower percentage of office and mostly warehouse

Warehouse area tends to not have HVAC

Access doors: Dock high, half dock or a combination of Grade and Dock high.


Bulk Warehouse Layouts

Bulk Warehouse Space

Large storage areas

Deep Bays

Access: Dock high doors

Little to no office area

Warehouse areas typically do not have HVAC

Lowest lease rate type warehouses

No need for high power

High ceilings  starting at 20′ and up



Office Warehouse Distribution Space Layouts

Large Manufacturing or Distribution Warehouses

Deeper Bays

Wider column widths to no columns

More parking

Yard access and/or fenced areas

Access: Dock high, Grade, Half Dock, Combination of Dock and Grade Level

Ceiling heights at 18′ minimums and up

Truck Courts

3 Phase Power availability

Use of Forklifts required

Warehouse areas tend to have no HVAC

Small percentage to higher percentage of office area