Austin Area Warehouses for Sale


Do you want to leverage your ability to find, negotiate and close on a profitable small warehouse purchase in Austin? If so,  here is some information on purchasing a warehouse.

Buyers- Austin Warehouses for Sale Resource Center  and Market Info

Here is a market overview look of industrial properties for sale in Austin Texas.This page also contains lots of informative articles regarding purchasing commercial real estate and in particular warehouse properties. The more information you have as a Buyer or Investor,  with the help of a professional brokerage like Shire Commercial the better off you are because you are more informed than others.  Expertise is given to all of our clients such as market intelligence we have gathered since 2004. Contact us today to get started!

Initial Steps?

  1. Always know first , do you have the funds available to make a purchase? We have received a lot of inquires over the years regarding purchasing warehouse property. The first question we are going to ask you is “Are you pre-approved?” or “Can you show proof of funds?”
  2. If you are a Cash buyer or Investor then you can ignore #1.
  3. Down-payments? standard is 20% , however with a SBA loan it can be as low as 10%.
  4. Time table to close? Typically expect 45-90 days

Support for Warehouse Purchases

Types of Support Provided for Warehouse Purchases ?

Archived Warehouse News

Warehouse sales nationally for 2020 are down 70%, leasing activity is stable.

During the warehouse purchase there is a process that is approximately 12-18 steps depending on how complex the deal is. What kind of support can you expect from Shire Commercial for a Warehouse investment?  From the start, we provide our “clients” all of the tools necessary for an easy seamless process of getting your purchase done.  We will provide

  • Surveys and research
  • Tour set up and visits with you in person
  • Write up the offer to the Seller / Listing Agent-Broker
  • Help you negotiate reasonable deals based on the market data we have in house
  • Provide due diligence providers such as surveyors, title companies, inspectors , lenders and more at no extra costs
  • 3rd Party vendors are people we have done business with in the past that have shown they are responsive and take care of our clients.
  • Financing? Feel free to use this mortgage calculator to help you to figure out mortgage payments or visit our Homepage for up to date financing data.

We hep you thru every step of the purchasing process, that is a commitment we make to all of our Clients.


Successful Transactions

Shire Commercials Clients always receive top of mind and high priority from warehouse property searches and surveys, to tours and negotiation and concession strategies. Curious about what for Sale transactions we have completed? Click on the button below.   Since 2004, we have been serving Clients finding them the right warehouse space that fits their needs, if You don’t get what you want, we don’t get paid- plain and simple!