How we work with You?

Why Representation Works and Why It is Needed?


Why warehouse representation works?

Represent yourself or Be Represented by a professional with experience? With the internet and information at your fingertips a lot of individuals may choose to represent themselves to find warehouse properties. We do not disagree that the information is there for anyone to view. However, approximately 50% listings are not updated consistently or they are stale. You can count on your personal search  will be time consuming.

Does the information on the listing services tell you what must be done to complete a sale or lease transaction?  We have proprietary tools that costs us thousands of dollars at no cost to you, and because of our direct market experience all of our Clients receive the following:


  • Surveys with detailed information
  • Calls made for you and filtering completed on potentials
  • No waiting for call backs
  • Property tours done in person with you
  • Negotiation and concession strategies provided
  • Lease Analysis on your drafted lease documents
  • Lease preparations or Sublease preparations along with Sales Contracts
  • Access to the proprietary tools that only we can use with no fees to you (exceptions are small warehouse requirements – see below)
  • Effective and efficient communications


Can you receive this type of service by using the internet to find a property on your own?

Is there ever a charge to you as the Client?  Yes, potentially if your lease requirement is too small, meaning a very short term below 3 years and you want a smaller warehouse than what we typically provide representation on. Rest assured: we are always up-front and authentic with everyone, if your lease requirement is too small and does not meet our minimums , we will let you know up-front.


Do we work with no agreements in place? We have direct experience over the past 16+ years which has taught us representations protect our clients and it protects our work. So the short answer is “no”. However, in good faith we can start out of the gate providing you with proof we are on top of your needs. As a practice, we always have agreements in place with all of our clients. This is so they know in writing what to expect and vice versa. This avoids any misinterpretations or mis-communications.


Austin TX Warehouse Space Tenant Representation specifics

Tenants looking for warehouse space come are in 2 categories, customer and client. The difference between the 2 is significant. Typically, a professional is going to ask you to have a representation agreement in place or we can also call it an engagement letter.  Within the commercial real estate industry this is called “an agency”.  Per the Texas Real Estate Commissions document entitled “Information About Brokerage Services” you should always have agreements to work with and thru a broker or agent in writing. Therefore , everything we commit to you verbally is transparent within our representation agreements to ensure you are taken care of and there are no surprises.  We can always send you the representation agreement pro-actively for your review. Bottom line? If you don’t get what you want, then guess what? We don’t get paid, plain and simple!