Austin Small Warehouse Leasing Resources

Do you want to leverage your ability to find, negotiate and close on a profitable small warehouse lease in Austin? If so, this page is a good starting point!

Small Warehouse Leasing Resources  Overview- For Tenants

Shire Commercial helps buyers and tenants acquire or lease a small warehouse space starting in ranges of 3,500 SF-6,000 SF.

Resource update 2018 last quarter moving into 2019: Over the past year small warehouse space has been fairly tight , everything is market dependent however.  If you are a tenant seeking small warehouse form factors, Northwest Austin will be your toughest market to find vacancies as well as CBD (near downtown Austin).   For starters, any warehouse property that falls below 4,000SF will require a 3 yr minimum term for you to be able to leverage our services.

Primary Focus with Clients

We focus primarily on representing buyers and tenants, not landlords. Does this mean we do not have any listings? No, however we do not carry the load of listings that other brokerage firms carry. The key for all Clients is your representation is exclusive so there is no conflict of interests involved when you engage with Shire Commercial.

Small Warehouse Leasing Resource Checklist

Here is a checklist you can use to understand more clearly if your needs are viable or not in Austin’s warehouse market currently for 2019 and moving forward.

  • Budget- know your monthly budget , Rent is not comprised of just rent, there are NNN expenses on top of base rent costs.
  • Sub-markets- know the locations you want to be in, some sub-markets have very tight vacancies .
  • Flexibility- for tight inventory markets- you should have flexibility on your location, if you do not, you may not have much success.
  • Listen to your broker if they have experience and you have hired them for their expertise , until the prove otherwise- Trust their advice!
  • Parking ratios- don’t expect 20 parking spaces for 4000SF , it won’t happen.
  • Trucks, 18 wheelers , truck courts- once you get above 4,000SF your chances are better for these amenities .
  • Dock high access- goes along with Truck access- the lower the footprint the more grade level door access solutions we will have for you.

Research this page for additional information such as posts and examples of successful transactions completed with our clients whom are tenants.

Warehouse Specialists in Austin

Steve Shire - President

Shire Commercial – Warehouse and Office Specialists since 2004

The first quarter of 2018 is looking alot like the end of 2017, inventories for large warehouse for sale are higher than the smaller footprints.  Numbers of inventory available have whittled down to below 10 properties per sub-market in the Austin area for Q1 2018. As far as the leasing outlook , it looks a bit better with more development and inventory coming online. For Small Warehouse properties, inventory continued to be tight.

Successful Transactions

Shire Commercials Clients always receive top of mind and high priority from warehouse property searches and surveys, to tours and negotiation and concession strategies.  Since 2004, we have been serving Clients finding them the right warehouse space that fits their needs, if You don’t get what you want, we don’t get paid- plain and simple!