Warehouse Specification Details

Types of Warehouse Space Specs and Leasing Overviews for Austin

Most tenants and buyers know which types of warehouse property and specs they would like to occupy or purchase for their business.  There are several types of warehouses in the Austin area, from Georgetown (North) to San Marcos Texas (South).  On this page we are providing you  an overview of each type  of warehouse property along with how the lease rates breakdown for each.  A buyer or tenant should have a good foundational understanding of what they are looking for so that a search with Shire Commercial can be most effective.

Warehouse Specs Typical in Austin | Broken down with Lease Rates and Layouts


Flex Warehouse Space

Layout: Office mostly , very little warehouse area, restrooms in office area , private offices, open areas, receptions, conference rooms avail.

Square Footage: Varies typically starts at 3500SF and up

Parking Ratios:  2-3 :1,000

HVAC: 100% air-conditioned environment typical

Access Doors: Grade level or dock high if the warehouse is larger 4000SF and up.

Power: Not a consideration typically for high power users

Locations: Industrial Business Park typical

Usages:  Tenants in need of lower priced office space and may need some potential storage- usually not a large portion of the space. Warehouse area can be non-existent.

Lease Rate structure: Base rate + NNN expenses typical

18 Wheeler Access: Typically not required

Ceiling height: 9-10′ drop ceilings in place warehouse may have no drop ceiling 16′ minimums.




Warehouses for Storage- BUlk

Layout: Wide open space, no office , no restrooms

Square footage: 10,000 SF +

Parking ratio: 2-3:1,00

HVAC: No HVAC typical

Access doors: Dock high, semi dock

Power:  No high power required typically

Locations: New industrial parks, remote areas or sub-markets that have a lot of industrial parks.

Usages: Storage Only

Lease Rate structure: Lowest rates of all warehouse properties  Base Rate + NNN expenses

18 Wheeler Access: Yes

Ceiling height: 18′ and higher, no office area with drop ceilings


Distribution Warehouse Space

Layout:  Office area and warehouse storage , restrooms in place, can have kitchen and break rooms and private offices, showrooms

Usage: sales of finished goods, potential use as an office-showroom environment as well.

Square footage: dependent on the size of the company and their inventory requirements. Most start at 3500SF and higher, however smaller footprints do exist around 1500-2500SF.

Parking ratios: 2:1,000 or 3-4:1,000

HVAC: Office 100% , Warehouse hot

Access doors: Grade level on smaller footprints, dock high potentials 4000SF and up

Power: standard power, typically not a consideration for distribution of goods

Locations: Industrial business parks

Lease rate structure: Base rate + NNN expenses

18 Wheeler access: dependent on size , smaller footprints below 5,000SF rare.

Ceiling height: Min 18′ in warehouse area , office areas 9-10′ with drop ceilings typical.





























Research and Development Warehouse Space

Layout: Can be combination of the flex and distribution warehouse type properties. Office area, restrooms, breakroom, conference rooms, reception area, mail room etc..

Square footage: larger requirements typically 5000SF+

Parking Ratios: 2-3:1,000, A-typical 4:1,000

HVAC: 100% Office area , hot warehouse or can be air-conditioned

Access Doors: Dock high , semi dock , grade or combination

Power: High power 3 Phase typical

Locations: Standalone solutions can be avail, most of the inventory are in Industrial Parks

Usages: Companies that engineer, sell, market products that require manufacturing capabilities.

Lease Rate structure: Base rate + NNN expenses

18 Wheeler Access: Yes

Ceiling height:. Warehouse areas start at 18′ and move up from there.