Austin TX Warehouses for Sale

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Austin Area - LocationSq. Feet RangeWarehouse Space and Flex Warehouse for Sale Availability
Asking Price Per SF
January 2023
Austin2,500-5,0004 Warehouse properties for Sale $282.00+
Austin6,080-11,0005 Warehouse properties $296.00+
12 Warehouse properties for sale $366-$350
Austin, and NW 18,476-39,2007 Warehouse properties for sale
Austin 45,00 and 86,1252 Warehouses for sale Call for pricing

 Austin Texas Warehouses For Sale

Market Overview


Within this page, you can view Austin warehouses for sale. The charted information above shows the most recent active listings on the market. These warehouse properties are currently listed and active for purchase or investment.

End of Q3 2022: Warehouse product for sale has remained very limited. Demand for leasing has remained steady for 2022. Owners are reaping benefits on income streams from leasing activity.

New Year 2022: forecasts near term for more inventory remains very thin and limited.

2021: Q3 ending with less inventory, Current supply is cash flowing with low vacancy rates, incentives to sell are lower for owners. Less leverage on negotiation of asking prices.

2021: 2nd Quarter continues from Q1. First quarter, limited inventory of “For Sale” warehouses continues.

2020 4th quarter- inventory remains flat, with high demand on leasing the motivation for selling warehouses is static moving into 2021.

2020:  the 3rd quarter warehouse properties have good demand. Steady vacancy rates continue at 10%. For the most part, average sales asking prices are over $100 per square foot.  3rd quarter stats are showing fewer warehouses on the market.

2019: Wrap up- Warehouse inventory for sale was very tight for 2018. Near term forecasts for 2019 looks very similar. High demand and good occupancy influences warehouse property owners to maintain their income streams from tenants and a leasing base. A Buyer’s need will dictate the amount inventory they have to chose from. Typically in tighter markets, smaller warehouse properties for sale are harder to come by.

Warehouse Sales | Current Demand and Note Worthy Points

The current demand will push warehouses for sale asking prices higher. Demand stats are coming at in +32% year over year.  Buyers and investors who need sub 5,000SF are best served right now with new builds. Small warehouses sell quickly.  Maximum flexibility with location is requires buyers versatility purchasing a small warehouse for sale.  Buyers prepare your financing up front, be it cash or thru a lender. We also want to mention that it’s also important to understand Buyer loyalty.

How is an industrial property for sale priced?  There are key metrics to pricing a sell-able warehouse , it can be understood by using a residential model into the pricing of a commercial property.

You are viewing the latest chart of listing activity below from other brokers and agents. These listings represent Austin warehouses for sale. We track and keep our data fresh every 30-day period.  For market comparisons purposes, since 2014,  warehouse property sales increased over 47%. The warehouses for sale listings is currently flat to down. Sales of industrial properties finishing positively in 2018. Lower inventory  is the near term market picture for smaller warehouses that fall below 5,000SF.

Warehouses For Sale Chart Commentary

Warehouse Sales Market Summary


Inventory remains tight – due to cash flowing income

Warehouse Lease demand remains high in Central Texas into 2023

Highest concentration of inventory is 10,000SF and higher approx 2X smaller footprints

Standalone industrial properties are scarce currently

Warehouses are typically built in Central Texas as multi-tenant

Development within the City of Austin into 2023 can take 2 years

Expect 7-9% increase for warehouse asking prices

Purchase Points

Purchasing a Warehouse Property for Sale

There are approximately 15 steps to purchasing a warehouse property, Shire Commercial provides buyers with a seamless way to buy warehouses for investment or for business use. When you are ready to purchase a warehouse, you should always include these guidelines before you get started.

  • Utilize your time and effort effectively by not searching on your own
  • Engage with an experienced Commercial Real Estate Broker that has executed transactions
  • Inspections- what to look for, who to hire?
  • Title companies? Are they all the same? Choose ones that perform better than others?
  • Need a plat? Survey? Who do you call?
  • Do you require a contractor? From architects to drywall and everything in between.  Who is reputable, who is not?
  • Financing? What lender’s locally offer the best mortgage deals? What are the current interest rates and debt services required?
  • Financing are  you pre-approved , or are you a cash buyer? If you are not pre-approved?  Have a good idea of how much financing you are able to secure before you buy.
  • Layout , what will you have to invest to get a warehouse with the floor plan you want?
  • Small footprints vs. large footprints : Advantages and disadvantages?
  • Purchase new construction versus existing property?
  • Visibility
  • 18 Wheeler access and Power requirements
  • Sub-Market pricing and availability based on your location preferences

All of these bullets are taken care of for you by Shire Commercial so you don’t have to be burdened with the ins and outs of purchasing a warehouse in Central Texas