Mini Storage 

Originally called mini warehouses the common terminology today is self storage warehouse or mini storage  property in Austin. There is some liability associated with the word warehouse and this is why the change has occurred.  Under common law, a person who runs a warehouse in Austin where goods are stored for the general public is fully responsible for those goods that are stored.  Because landlords lease mini storage or self storage warehouses to tenants this is the main reason the terminology has changed.

Mini Storage warehouses are secured storage units for individual and small businesses. They are a very attractive investment due to the lower maintenance expenses along with the opportunity drive higher revenues when they are fully leased. Storage units within the mini storage property can range from 5′ x 5′ or  10 ‘ x 20’.  Also the versatility of leasing these spaces monthly or annually is very attractive to the lessee.

A typical mini storage complex consists of separate rows of concrete block buildings with driveways between them Each building is 20-30 feet wide with access doors -that are grade level on both sides. Self storage facilities typically are not as popular in the north where the temperatures are much colder.  It is important for a tenant to know their goods are not insured by the mini storage facility.  Common sense would dictate that certain goods should not be stored in a self storage such as flammables, hazardous materials , live animals, explosives and any toxic substances.

The versatility and low maintenance expenses for mini storage warehouses have made them popular investment vehicles. Shire Commercial specializes in warehouse purchases by representing buyers and helping them make good investment decisions.