Austin Office Space Deals

For 2012, there are some Austin office space deals in the  area. Depending on the location and current vacancy rates are going to determine your office space deal in Austin directly.  First let’s take a look at the Austin office space deals that are most likely the higher end of the leasing scale.

From the standpoint of vacancies, the highest occupancies for  Austin office space are being seen in the downtown area and Southwest Austin. Within these areas you should not expect alot of concessions or lease rate deals.  The areas  that have the potential for the best office space deals are in the following areas based on current market data:

Lowest occupancy rates for Austin office space deals are currently on the East side of Austin, South Austin, Round Rock , North-central and Northwest.

Within these areas, the occupancy rates for Austin office space deals are the lowest are in East Austin and Round Rock. We helped a client move into an office space in Northwest Austin which was marketed at $18.00 full service afterwards it was negotiated down to $17.00 full service with free month concessions that brought the net effective rate of the office space in Austin to $15.00. This was a very nice market deal based on the area and the type of building that the tenant would occupy which is a B+ building.

When you move into negotiations , a broker can help you with market comps by using tools of the trade within the  commercial real estate MLS systems that they pay for to show you what market truly is. Concessions and improvements are always negotiable and are solely based on the commercial real estate broker’s current market knowledge.


Some great value office space deals in Austin  that we are currently tracking within our proprietary database for 2012.

Austin Office space Northwest Austin near the Domain  5,000 SF with a 5 yr term,.. First year $10.00 Full Service , Year 2. $13.50 and it goes up $1.00 from there. Mopac  $13,00 Full Service with 5 e Austin office building

Office space North Austin $13.50 for 1,400 SF

Office space on 290W in Austin with 2 offices and 2 exec office for $11.00 Gross!