Austin Office Sublease

Looking for an Austin office sublease is not an easy task due to the fact that most subleases do not have roadway signage displayed. Austin office subleases currently are down trending, this typically means that the office vacancy rates in the market are moving lower.  Higher sublease office activity is usually an indication of a weaker market economy, where tenants elect to downsize or move out of the existing office .  You, as the tenant will enter into a sublease agreement as the sub lessee with the existing tenant becoming your landlord as the sub-lessor

Office sublease advantages

There are potential advantages to Austin office subleases as well as potential disadvantages, it is important to ask your broker what they are before you embark on subletting an office space in Austin. So let’s touch on Austin office subleases and what the advantages are for you as a tenant:

1. You may be able to lease an Austin office for a shorter term by taking over the existing term in place by the main tenant

2. As a tenant you may be able to take advantage of lower lease rates than the current market

Austin office subleases  can have some disadvantages as well, they may include the following elements:

1. You will want to make sure that the tenant who becomes your landlord or the sub-lessor pays their rent to the main landlord.

2. Austin office sublease space is an “as is” deal typically and there are not improvement allowances given to you as the sub-lessee

3. As stated above, tenant improvements if they are allowed with the office sublease will be paid by you in most cases and may not be approved by the landlord.

Current Austin TX sublease trends are moving downward for May 2012, this is an indication of a stronger market trend ,during this trend you would see an increase in office leasing rates depending on the sub-market in which the office is located.