Austin Warehouse Property Development

In this blog we will touch on Austin warehouse property development  and typically how warehouse property is developed within an area.  Warehouse properties present a reasonable cost to most tenants with the advent of flex warehouse space it can be utilized as office as well.  An industrial park that contains multiple warehouses that benefits a community cause it allows the area to attract multiple businesses.  As a result of this, the community can expand its tax base and provide better municipal services.

Types of Warehouses to develop

One form of warehouse is near a railroad or shipyards (of course  a shipyard is not in Austin), however these areas are prime areas for large distribution and shipping companies to occupy space within close proximity to delivery companies.  Another form that is more prevalent in Austin are warehouse properties that are developed by an individual or developer – owner -investor who can offer a complete build package to a tenant or a prospective buyer. The advantage in this type of warehouse development is the user can specify the design and usually have a build to suit that exactly meets their requirements.

Industrial developments are really a pre-planned subdivision that satisfies the needs of a warehouse property user and provides lot sizes , utilities, access to rail and has restrictions that allows for good operation. A rule of thumb for warehouse property is that it provides flexibility in the layout plan. Flexibility comes into play for warehouse properties when it comes to access doors, power, office to warehouse ratios, parking availability, 18 wheeler access etc.  Sometimes there are restrictions on the land that prevent minimum site sizes, site coverage, setbacks, designated parking areas and load areas. Also there may be limits on these warehouse properties regarding outdoor storage , landscaping ability, type of construction , signage  and other provisions unique to the industrial park.

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