Austin Warehouse Space and 3 Phase Power

Does your tenant or buyer need 3 Phase power? It is a bit of a rhetorical question cause all we have to do as tenant or buyer reps for warehouse spacein Austin is just ask. Of course my clients know whether they need it or not.  This blog is more about answering the question of what is the difference between a 3 phase power system and a single phase power system in an Austin warehouse space?

Let’s define single phase – single phase refers to a 2 wire system with one as power and one as neutral . In the USA the  standard we are most familiar with is the single phase voltage system with 120 volts being the power and one neutral conductor. In some other countries 230 volts is the standard for single phase power which is a 2 wire system as well. Single phase should not be confused with split phase or 2 phase power. Most homes in the USA are dual phase or split phase, the dual has 2 power conductors of 120v/120v out of phase or commonly called AC or alternating current.  This arrangement is a 240 volt dual phase power system in a home by adding 120+120.

So what is 3 phase power in an Austin warehouse space? Three phase power systems have 3- 120 V out of phase with on another and one neutral conductor. This is the arrangement that is most commonly used in commercial buildings such as warehouse space because of its flexibility. The low power loads within the warehouse space such as lighting fixtures , small appliances are powered by using any single 120 v power source. Water heaters , AC Compressors are powered within a warehouse space by using the 208 V 3 phase power circuit. A 3 phase power circuit is going to have three -120 V power sources and  one 208 volt power source.