Commercial Property Lease Audits Austin

Lease audits for a commercial property in Austin or commonly called a cost audit can be done on your office, retail or warehouse lease.  You as a tenant, may want to check up on your landlord by having the commercial property operating costs audited or analyzed. There are companies that specialize in audits and space measurements.  A commercial property lease auditor will do 2 main things for a tenant. First, they can review the expenditures, an audit on commercial property will determine if the cost was truly recoverable as an operating cost.

When you have a commercial property lease audit, you will be able to determine if the landlord was charging back to tenants costs that were not agreed to in your lease. Some of these costs within a commercial property include landscaping and leasehold improvements to vacant space and occassionally a broker’s commission.  Second, the lease auditor will determine if the expenses are reasonable.  In one instance an audit may find a property manager is charging tenants for a paper recycling program which was backed into teh operating costs.

A tenant may want to take the time to review operating cost clauses (which is reviewd typcially by an attorney or your broker for basic language). Reviewing the operating costs language is a good rule of thumb to use, a tenant can also have a discussion with other tenants within the commercial property.  If the present tenants are disgruntled with the landlord in all likelihood you may be to