COVID-19 Tools for Warehouses

Summary of the solutions being used for commercial real estate and COVID-19

Solutions for COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, landlords are starting to implement solutions. Here is a summary of some of the solutions. We filtered out obvious tools such has hand sanitzers. 



Ultra-violet lighting, most of us have heard that the flu virus does not do well in UV Light.  It has been proven effective in killing the COVID-19 virus. Some companies and landlords are exploring a solution that brings UV light indoors. Example: Amazon reportedly has a robot fitted with UV Lights to move through their warehouses.

Nano Touch Materials

There is a company called Nanotouch Materials that manufactures skins and mats that utilize mineral nano crystals. Nano crystals create a powerful anti-oxidant effect. This works 24/7 where the surface is continually oxidizing organic contaminants. There are skins used for door handles and even elevator buttons.

Social distancing Sensors and Cameras

For years, landlords have been using proximity sensors for lighting. Cameras, of course are also in use for security. The same technology is for COVID-19 solutions to track workers and consumers. These tracking methods can insure social distancing at 6ft intervals.

Keyless Entry- COVID-19 Solutions

Keyless and contactless entry systems are already in use. The pandemic will accelerate this implementation. Waving a card or a FOB or just using an app on your phone will be the norm.  We should see this increase for hotel rooms and office or industrial workplaces.

Touchless Bathrooms 

Automated fixtures in bathrooms are useful. We can expect the adoption of this to be more prominent in restrooms of the future. Switching to a contactless fixture in a bathroom is one of the most effective ways landlords can keep tenants safe. 

HVAC Filtration

HVAC filtration and maintenance is a good solution. Inspections will need to increase. Changing of filters to maintain a safe environment is the key to stopping the spread of virus droplets indoors.

Electrostatic Spraying

Electrostatic spraying allows hospital grade EPA approved chemicals to be dispersed. This will provide additional coverage of surfaces to protect occupants.

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