Flex Warehouse Space in Austin

Key Elements of Flex Warehouse Space in Austin and how it is used

What is Flex Warehouse Space?


So what is Flex Warehouse Space in Austin?  It is fairly straight forward for the most part. Unlike their counterparts such as Office-Warehouse Space and Distribution warehouse space , a flex warehouse property is mostly office area. A flex warehouse also typically has 100% Air-condition and can be found in industrial business parks. There are quite a few flex spaces available, a lot of them are located near the Domain and in Northwest Austin.


Advantages of Flex Warehouse

Tenants looking to lease an office solution that is not as expensive as standard office space may choose to lease a Flex Warehouse.  Also there is a potential for some warehouse , whereas the percentage of warehouse versus office area is not as high.  Tenants can lease flex warehouse spaces at lease rates closer to $1.10 per square foot in 2019, as opposed to lease rates that can be easily 2X the flex warehouse lease rate.


Risks with Flex Warehouses?

Depending on the specific requirement, flex warehouses are a low barrier entry to office space. The downsides can be the ceiling heights are restrictive potentially since you will have a drop ceiling in place. Also the location may be a downside for a tenant if they are more concerned about the image of the location. The locations tend to not be as fancy as an office building property. Also expect NNN operating expenses to loaded on top of your base lease rate.

Where are Flex Warehouses?

  • As of February 2019, most flex warehouse properties are located in
  • North Austin
  • Northeast Austin- Round Rock Area followed by Northwest Braker Lane Area.