Hiring an Austin tenant representative

There are 3 important benefits to hiring a tenant representative when looking for office or warehouse space to lease in the Austin area. First, a tenant representative does not typically charge their clients directly Tenant representatives are paid by the landlord of the property. Secondly, the tenant representative represents your interests only, not the landlords so there is no conflict of itnerests involved. And thirdly, a tenant representative will know the market well enough to help your company find and negotiate an appropriate lease term and rate for your company.

A tenant representative like Shire Commercial will also review your lease document looking for general terms and conditions that are in sync with what was negotiated previously. During the negotations process, your tenant representative will write offers and massage the negotiation so that it works out in your best interest.  As you move into the qualifcation process of finding an office or warehouse space for lease in Austin, there are levels of qualification and negotiations that will happen.

Commercial Real Estate Negotiations

Along with negotiations, a tenant representative will be able to provide you with lease concession strategies as well as finish out strategies that you can implement to ensure you are not over-paying in rent for an office or warehouse. Sometimes a question may come up that is of a legal matter, when this arises the best thing to do is hire an attorney that has direct experience with Commercial Real Estate law within the Austin area.  Most lease documents are promulgated which is defined as officially published and drafted by an attorney that is familiar with commercial real estate. At times , an attorney can be a valuable resource, especially if your finish out or your lease is rather complex. in nature.

Bring all their resources to bear for clients, a tenant representative is a valued asset to your company and can save you immense time and effort negotiating and f