Listing Your Warehouse Property

The 5 important steps to listing your warehouse property for lease or sale in Austin

Overview: Listing Your Warehouse Property for Lease or Sale 


If you are an owner of a warehouse property in Austin and need to list it, what are the key critical steps in listing your warehouse property.  Let’s get some quick overviews out of the way. There are plenty of commercial real estate brokers and agents that would like to sell your property, however what differentiates them and how do you make a good decision? Below are 5 steps to help you with listing your warehouse property for lease or sale.


Listing a Warehouse for Lease

Experience is always #1 in most owner’s minds , does the broker or agent have good experience in leasing warehouse properties. Leasing experience comes in 2 ways:  Representing a landlord and representing a tenant.  Its important that your listing broker has experiences and a track record on both sides of the transaction.



Marketing your property for lease or sale is obviously super important. What type of audience do you want to see your property? How is the marketing done? Is there a cost to marketing? Currently, since the game has changed with Loopnet not being free to everyone to list their property , expect marketing charges for higher visibility.  You get what you pay for, some brokers will cover the marketing , some will not. The bottom line is what will it take to get your listing sold?



Good communications are required, that means follow up and bi-directional communications. Communications cannot be one sided, it is very difficult to get a deal done with uni-directional communications. We have always found a phone call is best , then email, then texting.  Make sure that your criteria is well understood, what offers will you look at and which ones you do not want to see.  Your broker or agent can filter out the junk so you do not waste your time.

Warehouses for Sale

 Does the potential listing broker have experience with the market? Can they provide you access to market information and is it current?  Every owner wants top dollar for their property- human nature. However, you want to be engaged with someone who will give you an accurate picture of things , not some pie in the sky commentary just to get your listing.

    Access to 3rd Parties

    For owners of warehouse property that want their warehouse listed, who reside out of Austin it’s especially important to have connections. Besides your commercial real estate broker, 3rd parties such as appraisers, title companies and surveyors are important elements to the transaction. Not only know these companies , but also knowing who is reliable comes into play.