Office Space Calculation

How large should your office space be in Austin, and based on the layout can a tenant figure out what approximate square footage best suits their requirements? Here is a quick summary regarding the question, “What do I need to know for office space calculation?”.Calculate office space

The first question is

What type of  office space property do you want to be in? Here are your choices:

1. Class A office– high end finish out top of the line

2. Class B office- mid level nice finish out but not high end and usually older buildings

3. Class C office- may be located in a re-development area or a rural area , less desirable neighborhoods sometimes

Next a tenant can look at specific office layout classifications: see Square footage breakouts below in the next paragraph

  1. An Executive Office space
  2. A large office space – Vice president category
  3. A Standard office space
  4. Conference rooms
  5. Reception areas
  6. Kitchen and or a Break Room
  7. Data room or storage area

An Executive office space to rent is going to be around 300 square feet, this should give you ample room for a nice size desk, 2 guest chairs and some room for file cabinets within the office.

A large office space to rent is going to run approximately 200 square feet or a 10 X 20 footprint. This should still be adequate for a good sized desk and a couple desk chairs, however you may be a bit squeezed for file cabinets and storage space.

Square Footage Breakdown for Office space calculation in Austin – square footage’s are approximations

  • CEO or Directors Office 300 SF
  • Partner’s office or VP office 225 SF
  • Standard Office 150 SF
  • Small office 120 SF – per person
  • Cubicles: Supervisor 100 SF, Standard 48 SF and Small 25 SF
  • Board Room 375 SF, Conf Room 300 SF and Small Meeting room 225SF
  • Reception areas : Large 500 SF , Small 300 SF
  • Copy and File rooms : Copy room 150 SF, Pantry Break Room 300 SF and Files-Library Room 375 SF

Don’t forget a potential add on factor for common areas that are shared which will add to the bottom line square footage calculation for office space.

If you are looking for a price break on lease rates and want a larger office, then you may fit into the subleasing category. Austin Office Subleasing will give you an option to lease an office space for lease at potentially lower lease rate than the current market rate. There are some cautionary steps you will need to understand before you enter into a sublease office which your broker can help you with.

Shire Commercial in Austin can help you with negotiating , locating and understanding how to sublet an office so you are not stuck behind the 8 ball.

Small office space for rent is available and it is usually very nice space, Class A or close to it when it comes to an executive suite. Executive suites are also full turnkey, meaning you do not have to purchase furniture, internet, phone, receptionists or mail services cause it is all included with the executive suite solution.  If you want to occupy a small office for rent in the CBD-Downtown area , expect to pay for parking, Yes, that is going to be extra most of the time.