Single Family Home Sales Austin Summary

Here is a quick synopsis of the activity for single family homes, although Shire Commercial specializes in commercial real estate we do track activity thru our friends in the residential real estate market within Austin. Single family home sales is an economic leading indicator where commercial real estate is a lagging indicator.

Population growth is averaging 150 people per day moving into the Austin area

  • $430,324,152  total dollar volume sold of single family homes in Austin +7% more than Feb 2012
  • $208,500 is the median price for a single family home
  • 1,626 SFH sold which is up +26%
  • 71 Days is the average days on the market
  • 2,574 New listings on the market +1% from Feb 2012
  • 5,121 active single family home listings -25% than Feb 2012
  • 2,223 Pending sales +15%
  • 2.6 months of inventory which is 1.6 months less than Feb 2012

Developers have less land to build on currently and are behind on developing new neighborhoods. A market with less than 6 months of inventory is considered a seller’s market. For more information on commercial property and market information regarding commercial office and warehouse space visit our site.