Warehouse space in Austin

When leasing a warehouse space in the Austin area, you are going to have several options available to you. Some areas of Austin do not have a large supply of warehouse space. Leasing a warehouse space is going to involve a base rental rate along with expenses most of the time. The base rate plus expenses which are called NNN expenses cover property taxes and insurance costs of the property that the landlord incurs that passes along to you as the tenant.

Sometimes when you lease a warehouse space in the Austin area, you can have a full service rate or a modified gross rate that includes the NNN expenses already, however expenses are based on a base year meaning the first year and you should expect a change in them potentially as the term of your lease moves forward. Rates on warehouse space in Austin vary depending on the type of property the warehouse is.

Bulk Warehouse

Bulk warehouse space in Austin is the cheapest and is a hot warehouse with either dock high or grade level access doors, the larger the foot print the better the probability of finding a dock level door. Small warehouse space in Austin less than 4000 square feet does not have dock high access , there are a few exceptions but overall you would be looking at grade level access only. Also, anytime a dock high is requested the Austin warehouse space should be equipped with enough room for an 18 wheeler to maneuver, which may or may not be always the case.

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