Austin Warehouse Space

Austin warehouse space vacancy rates are decreasing moving into the second half of 2012. As me move into June,  Austin warehouse space  is seeing more absorption with vacancy rates highest in the flex warehouse space and R&D type warehouse properties.  The vacancy rate is currently around 17.5% compared to last years quarter at this time at around 20%.   For quarter of quarter the warehouse space rates are down close to (1%) one percent.

Warehouse space historical vacancies are running about even currently with 2011 as of June 2012. There is healthy demand currently for Austin warehouse space which will eventually drive leasing rates higher , currently the rates are expected to stay flat but will tighten in the near future.  Leasing rates for Austin warehouse space can be found by clicking the warehouse space link , this data is updated every 30 days  There is no new development slated for warehouse space in Austin near term.

Austin warehouse inventory

Surplus warehouse space is located in Austin within the following areas Northeast and North, followed by the Southeast Austin area.  Minimum square footage for Austin warehouse space start with 1,800 SF and move up from there. Expect lower ceiling heights for warehouse space that fits into the Flex warehouse description. If a tenant is looking for higher clear height the options that are best are within the bulk warehouse or manufacturing warehouse space.

The Austin warehouse space market is comprised of the highest surplus of properties in the Southeast area and the North area of Austin. Keep in mind when you contact us for a free analysis , that we will ask you some key questions to help us identify and negotiate the best Austin warehouse space for your needs. The minimum criteria for Austin warehouse space is for any property less than 4000 square feet, it would require a 3 yr term minimum.  A warehouse space greater than 4000 square feet would start at a two year minimum term for us to be able to help you find a property.